About Us

The Contrast Is Clear

We Make Business Communications Easy. Contrast Communications is a data company providing network solutions through voice and data communications to small, medium, and large businesses. We are system integration experts with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage multi-vendor groups.

Our solutions provide quantifiable benefits to your productivity and your bottom line.

Communications Experience

National Leadership. Contrast Communications was founded by John Uehling, a 20-year veteran of the communications industry. Prior to forming Contrast Communications, John was the Senior Vice President of the U.S. Sales and Operations group at Mitel. Prior to Mitel, John was in sales management with the former Lewisburg-based Buffalo Valley Telephone Company.

Find out how we can help you with your voice and data communications needs. Email us today or call us at 570.966.1515 for more information.

Our Vision

Contrast Communications is a data company providing integrated networking for clients worldwide.

In 2013, Contrast Communications’ deployed our new corporate identity, symbolizing the key core values which drive our mission to deliver superior products and services for our clients. Our new mark represents our vision for the present and the future – with numerous corporate values designed in:

  1. Our name “Contrast” highlights the differences which distinguish the unique ways in which we deploy and deliver our professional services.
  2. The word “Communications” identifies our core business – and our passion for clarity in all our dealings.
  3. The globe represents the worldwide reach of our complete array of communications capabilities.
  4. The arrows suggest forward momentum and growth – both for our clients and for ourselves.
  5. The arrows are interlocking, representing our “connection” with our clients, and the world.
  6. The colors portray us as an earth-friendly “green space” brand, offering environmentally sound solutions.

The Contrast Is Clear™