Put everyone one call away from pulling up a chair at the meeting, classroom or service center with on premise, as well as cloud-based, HD video conferencing solutions.

Contrast pioneers technology-driven face to face communications, to deliver the easiest and most accessible HD video conferencing solutions for your organization.

HD video conferencing is increasingly being used by organizations of all types and sizes to enable more cost effective and productive collaboration, learning, and service delivery. Curious how HD video conferencing can be used in your organization?

Consider these use cases:


  • Bring in subject matter experts from around the globe
  • Broadcast administration policies and news
  • Collaborate with remote classrooms
  • Distance learning
  • Parent/teacher or student/teacher virtual meetings
  • Stream, record and archive sessions for future playback
  • Regional staff meetings
  • Virtual field trips
  • Accelerate judicial processes (warrants, stay of hearing, etc.)
  • Remote collaboration with local and global colleagues
  • Stream, record and archive best practices and policies for future playback
  • Broadcast important announcements/communications
  • Distance learning/training programs
  • Analyst presentations and reviews
  • Executive updates
  • Global collaboration sessions
  • Remote customer meetings
  • Communicate with corporate office
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Financial earning and daily communication broadcasts
  • Distance learning
  • Deliver policy training
  • Administer remote healthcare
  • Collaborate with specialists around the globe
  • Broadcast board meetings, announcements and news
  • Accelerate judicial processes (warrants, stay of hearing, etc.)
  • Remote depositions
  • Remote case preparation
  • Stream, record and archive video testimonies for future playback
  • Court arraignment
  • Team collaboration sessions
  • Distance learning
  • Virtual client meetings
  • Contractor and vendor meetings
  • Remote quality control and supply chain management
  • Global collaboration sessions
  • Stream, record and archive important communications for future playback
  • Progress review meetings
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Distance learning
  • Global talent recruitment
  • Production collaboration
  • Remote guest participants
  • Broadcast communications and special events
  • Progress review meetings
  • Bring in remote subject matter experts
  • Global collaboration sessions
  • Distance learning
  • Remote quality control

Not sure which option is right for you? We can help you figure it out.

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